Enhance Your Home's Exterior

Enhance Your Home's Exterior

Contact our general contractor for custom decks in Portland, OR

If you have items around your house that need attention, talk to an experienced general contractor today. GC John, LLC offers more than home remodeling services in the Portland, OR area. We have the skills, equipment and knowledge to tackle all sorts of projects.

You care about your home's appearance. We'll give your curb appeal a boost with:

  • Custom decking
  • Custom handrails
  • Exterior painting

Schedule improvements for your existing property or new construction. Contact GC John today to hire a general contractor in Portland, OR.

Fix your damaged drywall once and for all

You take pride in the condition of your home's interior and always want it to look its best. A general contractor can install and repair drywall in any room or add a wall where you need it. Call 503-544-8425 today for drywall repairs in the Portland, OR area.